T-shirt Bags

Economically priced, these HDPE singlet plastic bags have many uses and are ideal for supermarkets, retail and shops. With side gussets and four retail ready sizes, the HDPE Economy singlet bags are perfect for any groceries and food takeaways. Furthermore, LAMIPAK provides an option for customers to customize their t-shirt bags. As such, retailers may use this opportunity to further advertise their products in an efficient manner everyday for a cheap and reasonable price! In accordance with LAMIPAK's high standards, you can rest assured that our t-shirt bags will be light and durable with a high weight capacity.

For a cheaper alternative, we also sell an original product called the 'Stone bag'. These bags are partially made from calcium carbonate infused into the plastic-making process to produce lightweight bags that are equal in quality, albeit with lower weight capacity. Since our processing of the stone bag consumes less plastic, this inadvertently makes our product evermore green and environmentally friendly. Ideal for patrons concerned in saving the earth one cent at a time.

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Remember - Our flexible system ensures that every bag is fully customizable with a wide range of options to choose from. It is easy - Just send us an order indicating your specific needs and we will get back to you ASAP with a quotation of our best market price.

Available sizes in stock:

Type Size Measurements


100 pcs/pack

S 9" x 11"
M 12" x 16"
L 17" x 19"
XL 19" x 23"

Stone Bag

32 pcs/pack

XS 7" + 5" x 13"
S 8.5" + 5" x 15"
M 11" + 7" x 19"
L 13" + 7" x 23"
XL 19" + 10" x 29"

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