Bags on Roll (T-shirt)

The BUNNYTIE™ range is lightweight, resistant to punctures or tears and has superb tensile strength. Known for its handles, the BUNNYTIE™ range allows you to secure, lift and carry refuse easily in a hygienic manner. Not only is BUNNYTIE™ star sealed for extra security but it also fits snugly in both round and square bins. Apart from the traditional roll packaging, we also offer our very own box packaging for convenient dispense. As an added bonus, the latter has also been known to add to the aesthetics of your kitchen.

Also in this category are nappy bags and doggy bags. Highly durable and tear-resistant, these bags are essential to all caretakers, mothers, and dog-lovers alike for the hygienic and easy disposal of waste.

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Available sizes in stock:

Type Measurements Quantity

T-shirt Bags on Roll

24" x 23" 20 pcs/roll
30" x 38" 10 pcs/roll
18" x 24" 40 pcs/roll

Nappy Bags

45 CM x 62 CM 10 pcs/roll

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